What makes a great IPO?

What makes a great IPO?

Uber crashed, Dropbox flew. So in an unpredictable world, what separates a great IPO from a disaster? Here’s our Top Five considerations for private companies eyeing the public markets.

Uber had hoped to achieve an emotionally significant (but, as the markets judged, ludicrous) $100BN valuation when it launched on the NYSE in May 2019. Not only did it fail to achieve the $100BN, according to the Financial Times, Uber’s first day performance (down nearly 8%) ranks as one of the worst in corporate history. 

But it’s easy to bash the corporate giants - especially one as aggressive and unloved as Uber. An IPO is not - usually - a punt. It’s a disciplined appeal to the markets, with the support of highly-informed investment banks and, for consumer products and services, a deep understanding of sentiment. Here’s our guide to winning at an IPO. 

Top banner image credits: The Central Intelligence Agency. 

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